Anchor handling is an activity which is regarded as one of our main competencies. Anchor handling vessels are designed with relatively higher horsepower to tow barges, drilling units and perform anchor handling operations as well as the ability to carry supplies to platforms. The increase in deep water exploration has led to higher horsepower vessels to handle the heavier gear required to operate at such depths.

Two Offshore Marine’s fleet of AHTS vessels are medium sized with an average of 6000 B.H.P. and have proven themselves in supporting accommodation work barges, jack-up drilling units, heavy-lift vessels, pipe-lay barges.

Our fleet of AHTS is continually being upgraded and added to through new buildings so as to offer our customers the very latest technology, capability and reliability

Two Offshore has undertaken a wide range of tows varying from small barges up to large pipe-layers. Our towing tugs range from 3200 bhp (35 metric tonnes Bollard Pull) to 13,000 bhp (130 metric tonnes Bollard Pull).